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Misha, dark cupcake of goodness
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Misha, Dark Cupcake of Goodness
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The girl with the green eyes
Complicated. Unique. Intuitive. Sarcastic. Loyal. Feline. Soft yet Firm. Creative.
Sometimes Dark, Sometimes Shiney.
Artist. Belly Dancer.
Snake Handler.
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Misha's Class Schedule

Bellydance Basics Class
Isle of Avalon
Dynamic Drills Class
Isle of Avalon
Slink and Shimmy
Isle of Avalon
June 6:
Village of the Arts
Green Bull Gallery
June 8:
Pirate Fest
St. John's Pass
June 13:
Turquoise Grill
Plant City

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Day 14
Dear gods. Day 14...from day 8. What the heck happened? Well, a lot. I went out of town for the weekend and found it was pretty difficult to always keep dancing. I did a bit of car dancing on Day 9 (well, ok, more than a bit) and on Day 10 as well. On Day 11 Day 12 and 13 I was a wreck - I did something brutal to my neck which prevented me from moving much at all, much less being able to dance. So I'm a few days behind.

And, honestly, still feeling poopy. But tonight, after really not feeling that great tonight, i finally forced myself to dance. and it was LOVELY. i wound up dancing for 20 minutes with wings. not super hard dancing, as my neck/shoulder are still a bit injured. so it was more like play time, but boy it was fun! i am in a parade on sunday and am using wings and it was great to re-familiarize myself with them. i listened to the music, and focused mostly on prop manipulation and movement, poses, and traveling with them. the time flew by, and when the last song of the set ended i found myself not wanting to stop.

and so i didn't! i turned on one of the new Zoe classes from Datura (one of the combos) and played with that. i find her dancing style so beautiful, yet it can be slightly rough on my body at times, so again i took it easy. i had watched it and thought "oh that will NEVER happen." but i was delighted at just how fast i picked it up. another reminder that limiting thoughts are just exactly that. i moved through it slowly and actually got it pretty quickly. it wasn't perfect of course, but then it didn't have to be. i had fun, got my heart rate up, and accepted - and made - the challenge of trying to learn a quick little combo. i'd like to come back to this one in practice and make it through the drills section; I sat out most of it as I was still nervous about the injury. But the section I *was* able to do went so well. It was wonderful to do the improv AND want to dance even more!